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Perfect Nation Vol.1

PERFECT NATION VOL.1 WAS RELEASED 12/31/12 !! Go Check It Out && Download It To Show Some Support !

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Overview Of Perfect Nation™

Perfect Nation was founded by Kalif The Prophecy, in efforts to create a winning team dedicated to releasing good music. As of now there are 6 members: Kalif, BarDroper Slade, Kid OnDa Bloc, Boo TheKid, Dada. We also have a producer in the group, goes by the name of Dronel. The team has multiple Genre's, every artist brings their own style to the table.

If You Are Looking To Work With The Team, Send All Inquires To:

Friday, December 21, 2012

Members *

Prophecy (CEO)

Born June 19, 1994 with a purpose in life just like everyone else. Only thing in his way were the constant struggles of life. Steven Shaquille Dillard A.K.A. Prophecy grew up in Sacramento, CA. He has a heart of a warrior because he has witnessed and gone through things no normal human being should go through. Growing up around drugs, sex, alcohol abuse, domestic abuse, etc. His only goal in life is to leave his mark on whatever he does, so he attacks the business world, the rap game, and the social life others strive to have. he truly has the Heart of a Warrior. 
If you want to catch up with him at any point in time just message him Twitter -> @_BoyWonderr . Right now he has dreams of starting his own Record Label, (Get Money Entertainment/Perfect Nation) music plays a big role in his life. Prophecy Is Currently Living In Portsmouth,VA Pursuing A Bachelor's Degree In Music Prodution. 
New songs coming on the way, be sure to continue your support!

King Junior (CEO)

CEO Of Perfect Nation Gang, Tyree Mosby A.K.A King Junior is a 17 yr. old out of Martinsburg, WV, but he was raised in Bronx NewYork. He found his passion for music one day while listening to Biggie and Big L when he was 6 years old. From there he started writing his own music. By the age of 15, he started taking it alot more serious; Building his own studio from scratch, and making songs for people to enjoy. He loves the sound of music. He also hopes to take his team far with the other CEO, Prophecy. Together, they formed a team full of singers, songwriters, producers, and rappers that are working to make it big and someday take over the Music Buisness with greatness.
Twitter: @ThaKingJunior 

Relle Rell

Born in Topeka, Kansas Relle Rell grew up primarily in Portsmouth, Virginia. In 2005 his family settled in the depths of Virginia were he became good friends with Steven Dillard AKA Thaa Prophecy. Due to the domestic violent relationships in his mother's household he could no longer stay home without seeking revenge. Relle Rell began writing poetry to keep his feelings in check, that later turned into outrageous emotional songs. Relle Rell is in a constant battle with hell on earth and facing daily demons so much it's hard not to be a loose cannon. Born into a family of alcoholics, drug dealers, abuse, and felons, he has had little fun as a kid and now bases his poet skills on life experiences and family situations, with little regard of feeling sorry. I can tell you one thing, Relle is not a people's person, but he is very friendly and understanding under circumstances. 
Rell's trust/character are built on loyalty, power, and family,he believes when one of us gets rich we all get money but until then he's working hard coming out with new dope singles and outstanding mixtapes continuously until his teams hard work pays off.
Twitter: @_KidAzeez


I'm a young nigga who grew up in the streets of the P, don't know what the P is? Then GPS that shit. Been rapping for a while, I did my first song with a producer named Big Bake from Texas. That song's still on myspace too. I didnt start taking my music serious until about last year, but now-a-days everybody & they mama trying to be rappers. Been putting in work with my niggas Paul, Nique, and Darius for sum years cuh, we do this shit. Now i'm with The Nation, and our plan is to take shit over* Would tell ya'll a story bout my dick, but that shit would be a long story man...
 Anyways follow me on Twitter: @sean_selfmade and IG: @big_seandon FWM .

Darius A.K.A Baby

The name's Darius, but everyone calls me Baby. I'm 19 years old, & I grew up in the P. The Only singer in Perfect Nation. Music is my life, so I went & got it tatted on me. I have my own swag; NEVER been a copycat. I'll make your girl fall in love with the lyrics in my songbook & I'll steal her panties with my vocals.
Twitter: @MatchMy_SWAG_

Kid OnDa Bloc 

Born in Yuma, Arizona on February 20, 1995, Damian Gamblin, formally known as Kid OnDa Bloc, never knew exactly what he wanted to be. Prophecy was the one that inspired him to start rapping. As years went by Kid OnDa Bloc’s delivery and lyrics turned many heads whenever he would rap around people. He then decided to take his music to another level since they told him he had a chance to make it big. That’s when he started recording short songs around 2011 (he really having the time to record full songs). 2012, Kid OnDa Bloc recorded his first official song “Inhale” over Kid Ink's “No Sticks No Seeds” instrumental. When he leaked the song with a lots of confidence, he got exactly what he expected… encouragement. Kid OnDa Bloc Is now currently with Get Money Ent. and Perfect Nation , following the same dream as his fellow members.
Kid OnDa Bloc finally has his mind made up on what he wants to do in life. When someone asks him what he wants to do, all he says is “I wanna make my dream my job”. With the moves him and his team are making, they will all eventually get there; and when they do, artists look out because there will be a new movement in the game. 
Twitter: @KidOnDaBloc 

BarDroper Slade

BarDroper Slade; born && raised in Portsmouth,VA, I grew up in a hood called Southside. I have two kids, a son and a daughter. They keep me motivated to make it outta the hood and get a record deal. I been doin' music since I was 15; just me and my boys, all we had was a mic and four voices. I lost one of my boys (Cali) to some bullets, that really changed my life. Now im in the booth everyday pushing my self to make it cause I know that's what he wants me to do. Before he was killed, my homie Cheddar 5 said "ya'll lil niggas need to stop worrying bout them females & Get Money" . From Then On, It's Been Get Money Entertainment / Perfect Nation .
Twitter: @BarDrOper_SLADE 


My name is Styleknokka this Hip-Hop thing is my profession. Im from Martinsburg, WV, and I've seen alot of bullshit in my 15 years of living. My state of mind is equal to that of 25 year old's. I'll never fuck with you unless you got some type of loyalty. I'm dreaming big and I'm putting my heart and soul into this shit. Follow me on twitter @styleknokka and Add me on facebook at Jacob styleknokka Hoffmaster. Go listen to my music on Youtube and enjoy it. If you don't, then Im going to keep making more of it because failure is not in my blood. Big Ups to PNG . Perfect Nation Gang. We in this bitch to stay!


Im from Moultrie, GA.
I've been through good && bad times, which motivates me to make to the top. I'm the producer in Perfect Nation.
And Ima Write A Lil Thought Down..
- I don't give a fuck what any one says/ cuss Ima make by making my own ways/ creating controversy bout they should let dis young beast rage/ how does it feel to have an underage/ nnigga going at yo throat for dat first place/ Ima soldier wit out da armor im open for da bullets dey spray/ i shoot and aim/ making strate lines across your neck like razor blade/ Dronel fighting to get out of my cage
@droneltharappa - Twitter
Lenord Dronel Spencer - FaceBook